Advance Hypnosis...Charisma Enhancement for Professionals! 


Unleash Your Charisma!

You have it within you to captivate an audience and have them hanging on your every word.  Whether you deal one on one with a client, speak in front a room full of serious business types 

How you use your body, share your voice, and feel inside have powerful influence on the people around you.  The question is, how are you effecting your audience?  

Hypnosis, NLP and improv will help you tap into your natural confidence, excitement, and power.  In other words, you'll be a lot more fun to be around! But more importantly, you'll have the tools you need to succeed in your field of expertise!

Charisma Enhancement for Real Estate Agents

Charisma Enhancement for Lawyers

Charisma Enhancement for Mortgage Brokers

Charisma Enhancement for Actors

Charisma Enhancement for Therapists

Charisma Enhancement for Improvisers